ACI Certification

Craftsmen, technicians, inspectors, and other concrete professionals pursue an ACI Certificate to help with career advancement, consideration for more positions, opportunities for promotion, and by becoming a better, more valued team player in the field. 

Policies & General Information

Registration is taken on a first come first serve basis.

Your application will not be complete until full payment has been received.
In person lectures are limited to 15. 
When your payment is complete your emailed receipt will be your confirmation of enrollment.

No Refunds will be given.

Re-Application requests (change in applicant) must be approved. 

After approval you will be sent a form to complete the re-application process.
A Re-Application fee of $150 is applicable for any changes that occur within 2 weeks prior to the lecture.
Contact the instructors Mark Giancola and Don Penepent to request the Re-Application Form.

If you cannot attend the lecture or practice due to an emergency you are still responsible for the written and practical exams.

You must inform the instructors regarding your emergency via email.

All questions should be submitted via email to the course Instructors

Classes Offered

Flatwork Finisher Certification

Is offered by request with a 10 person minimum class size. Please contact our instructors if you wish to schedule a Flatwork Finisher Certification course.

ACI Grade 1 Field Tech Certification

Classes are held annually. 
View and download the 2024 Schedule.

2024 ACI Field Technician Certification Class Schedule
January: 1/18, 1/20, 1/25, 1/27
March: 3/7, 3/9, 3/14, 3/16

May: 5/2, 5/4, 5/9, 5/11
October: 10/17, 10/19, 10/24, 10/26

Application Forms

October- ACI Grade 1 Field Technician Certification Full Course Application
Field Tech Written Exam Re-Take Application (October 2024 Only) 
Field Tech Practical Exam Re-Take Application (October 2024 Only)

Re-Application Form supplied upon request and approval.
Contact the instructors Mark Giancola and Don Penepent
to request the Re-Application Form.

Additional Resources:

Applicant Letter: policies, materials required for class, additional practical information.
You will receive a copy with your ACI class book as well.
Housekeeping Rules: for Written & Practical Exams

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